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Our Commitment

The HCP Environmental Policy is a statement of our commitment to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. We will work with the Board, staff, suppliers and stakeholders to ensure our working practices and processes are regularly monitored and that environmental impacts are minimised. HCP is committed to the following principles:

  • We will ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice as a minimum.
  • We will integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.
  • We will ensure that the Board and all staff are fully aware of our Environmental Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it.
  • We will adopt the principles of reduce, re-use, recycle in all aspects of our activities and minimise resource use and the creation of waste as much as possible.
  • Through increased energy management of our working environments we will aim to minimise waste through energy conservation and energy efficiency.
  • We are committed to monitoring and minimising the environmental impacts of our business travel and encouraging Board and staff to consider low greenhouse gas emission travel options.
  • We are committed to monitoring and minimising the environmental impacts of all our operations including events.
  • Where possible we will use suppliers that demonstrate a high level of environmental responsibility for the procurement of our supplies and services.
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