Hexham Community Partnership » Partnership Achievements

The Partnership’s achievements over the last 10 years:

  • Ensured that the views of residents and local groups are represented
  • Attracted over £1 million in external grants and in income from the Forum Cinema
  • Established and managed the Forum Cinema as a community-owned enterprise and asset to the town
  • Helped to secure funding to provide digital technology in the Forum Cinema, secure its long term future and provide additional cultural activities in the town
  • Provided employment for more than 50 individuals from the local community
  • Developed and managed the Hexham East Regeneration project and established Number 28 as a community resource in Hexham East
  • Facilitated the development of the Market Town Welcome Destination plan
  • Launched the visithexham.net website and published and distributed the Visit Hexham leaflet
  • Established popular town centre events – the Christmas Market, Spook Night, and the Spring Festival
  • Managed and/or supported a range of other events with partners, including Matt Wells Regatta, Children in Need, Hexham Eating Festival, Heritage Open Days, Arts Open Doors, Arts Symposium, and Hexham’s Festival of Remembrance 2015
  • Worked with Hexham Youth Initiative and others to engage with young people through initiatives such as Goals for Life, the Youth Arts Forum and Youth Arts Symposium
  • Launched West Northumberland Food Bank and helped to establish it as an independent charity
  • Ensured the views of local people are heard by supporting the Hexham East Residents Association and hosting the Central Tynedale Community Forum
  • Ensured strong working links between many organisations active in the town through hosting networks such as Hexham Arts Forum, Hexham Visitor Network, West Northumberland Voluntary and Community Sector Alliance
  • Developed the Hexham River Hydro project – securing £100,000 worth of support by winning first place in the Energyshare national competition
  • Hosted Hexham in Bloom until it was established as an independent charity
  • Managed the Routeways project – refurbishing the Shambles, installing signage and interpretation panels around the town and publishing a book of town centre walks
  • Carried out signage and car parking audits and installed welcome signs at the Wentworth Car Park
  • Worked with the business community to secure the successful Business Improvement District ballot
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